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Chillventa update – Morrisons switches to R407F

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内容摘要:HoneywellhasannouncedthatitsGenetronPerformaxLT(R407F)refrigerantisto ...
Honeywell has announced that its Genetron Performax LT (R407F) refrigerant is to be used by Morrisons for refrigeration applications.
Honeywell says that according to industry testing, R407F consumes up to 15 percent less energy than systems using R-404A.
Stuart Kirk, head of energy and carbon at Morrisons, said: “Our energy initiatives can really impact our bottom line and help us achieve our environmental goals.
“Replacing the refrigerant in our medium temperature applications plays an important role in the overall energy savings plans.
“Genetron Performax LT is a known, proven technology that improves the energy efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint of our refrigeration systems.”
Morrisons has chosen R407F as the standard replacement for all medium temperature applications at its stores.

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